Longlife LED-Driver

The technology of Digital Power Systems in a nutshell

What fails in LED Systems

The good news first:

LEDs itself are pretty durable with up to 200 thousand hours operational lifetime. What typically fails is the LED Driver. This has the following reasons:

  • Electolytic capacito: Typically a flicker as shown in the video can be seen.
  • Overvoltage (e.g. lighting strikes)

How does DPS achieve a long LED driver lifetime?

Digital Power Systems uses film capactiors. If sized corretly, a lifetime of 20 years at 70°C can be achieved.

Further we integrate a strong surge protection the our power supplies, enabeling the maximal durability.

What is the right application?

Everywhere we maintance and downtime matters!

Our longlife have a inital cost. However, once the first maintance can be avoided, the drivers actively save cost.

Can I get something sepcial?

Adjusting the power supply to your specific needs is our core competence.

We can implement redudancy, error-reporting, special formfactors. The potentials are limitless.

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