DC/DC Buck DIN-Rail 48V to 5V / 12V / 24V @ 1 A Iout


DC/DC Buck DIN-Rail 48V to 5V / 12V / 24V @ 1 A Iout

Product Description:

The DCC48XX is a 48V input 5V / 12V / 24V DIN Rail Buck converter providing 1A of output current. It’s intended use are tight control cabinets, requiring an aditional lower output voltage. The functional input voltage rang\-es from 2V above the desired output voltage to 48V. When the output voltage is present, a green led lights up.

The device is resiliant to typical operating failures: Input reverse polarity, output short circuit, open circuit, moderate input transients and moderate output transients.

The device offers solid output voltage stability over the complete output current range. The device may be operated at ambient temperatures between -40°C and 50°C.

Specification Overview

Input Voltage (min.)Vout +2 V
Input Voltage (max.)48 V
Output Voltage (typ.)5 V
12 V
24 V
Output Current (max.)1 A
Dimensions8.8 x 89 x 58 mm
Operating Temperature -40°C – 50°C



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DCC4824 - DC/DC Buck Convert 48V Uin 24V Out at 1A Output Current - First Page in webp
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  • Industral Automation
  • Control Cabinets
  • Home Automations