Standard products

Standard Power Supplies AC/DC DC/DC

Digital Power Systems GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany, offers standard DIN rail products for the use in the automation industry. The products are easy to use and can easiliy be integrated into custom control cabinets.

Fusebox DIN RAIL AC/DC Power Supplies

DIG-CCCV-15W Topview


Constant Current Constant Voltage Power Supply

Output voltage range: 10 V - 60 V  
Output power: 15 W
Output Current: 1.4A

LED-LL-10W: Long Life 10W LED Power Supply with status Relay


Constant Current Power Supply

Output voltage range: 5 V - 30 V 
Output power: 10 W 
Input voltage: 230 V AC
Output current:  0.35 A

GPS Blinker for Din Rail Mounting

GPS Blinker

GPS Synchronized Blinking

Blinker Module
 for GPS Synchronized Blinking
Input voltage: 230 V AC

DC/DC Converter Ultrathin Series

DCDC 50 Vin
5V - 30Vout CCCV Abwärtswandler

Eingangsspannung: 8 V - 50 V
Ausgangsstrom: 4A



5V 3A DC/DC Charger

Input voltage: 10-28 V
USB-C Output 3A

48V DC/DC LED driver

Input voltage: 49 V
Output current range:  0.35 A, 0.5 A4

DC/DC Buck 48V 1A

Input voltage: 48 V
Output voltage: 5 V, 12 V, 24 V
Output current: 1 A

Redundancy Ultrathin Series


Paralleling module
2A x 3 Channels



Fast and secure USB-to-UART communication thanks to digital isolation and ESD protection for inputs and outputs

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Idea Phase products

The following products are in the idea phase. If you have interest, please contact us.


Isolated MOSFET

Solid state relay

DIN rail LED Driver

Voltmeter with bar graph

Data logger

Voltage and current measurement
Logs blackout events
Real Time Clock

Boost converter

Input current: 1 A

Pneumatic valve driver

Current Supervisor
Supervises LED Current, when within range, it activates the output