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LP30 Din-Rail

Output voltage range: 5 V - 30 V  
Output power: 30 W 
Boost power: 60 W 
Output current range: 0.01 A - 3 A

LED Driver AC

Output voltage range: 5 V - 30 V 
Output power: 10 W 
Input voltage: 230V AC
Output current:  0.35 A

Pneumatic Valve Driver

LED Driver

Input voltage: 30 V
Output currents range:  0.35A, 0.7 A

Boost Converter

Input current: 1 A

DC/DC Converter

Input voltage: 30 V
output voltage: 5 V, 12 V 24 V
Output current:  1 A


Isolated Mosfet

Solid State Relay

DIN-Rail LED Driver

Voltmeter with Bargraph


Voltage current measurament
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