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Digital Power Supplies for:


Focus Areas

Renewable Energies

Renewable energy is a fast-growing industry that will benefit from reliable and long-lasting power supplies.

Wind, solar and most storage solutions have a long operating life, about 20 to 30 years, therefore, the advantage of using long-lasting power delivery systems is obvious.

Fewer maintenance costs equal more competitiveness against fossil fuel alternatives.

Manufacturing and Automation

The manufacturing industry, especially mechanical engineering, can drastically reduce maintenance costs.

Whether you require a power supply for pneumatic units or to drive an automatic labeling machine, we create our solutions to your needs. 

With our products, your system will be more efficient, fail-safe and it will implement cost-efficiency.

Access Systems

Building and safety technology systems have to operate reliably and fail-safe for many years.

We are one of the few companies that can offer you power supplies with a 20-year working life.

Power supply units for bus & train systems or intercom systems are our daily business.



A key quality criterion in lighting engineering is the lifetime of power supplies. While LEDs themselves easily handle a 20 years service life,  conventional power supplies degrade the system lifespan to typically 5 years.

With our solutions, you can count on reliable and long-living illumination! Whether you may need to comply with explosion protection standards or simply ask for a custom made interface, contact us to define your ideal solution.

Why Custom Power?


We design and optionally produce your power supply at a competitive price. Our strength is to meet challenging customer needs. E.g. extreme output voltage ranges, high dynamics, outstanding system lifetime.


We digitize your power supplies. With our power supplies, output voltage and current values can be made available by means of a digital bus. Your new power supply can calculate the consumed power. In addition to that it can modify the output voltage or output current via software.

Long Lifetime

Your application calls for outstanding system life? We are one of the few companies that
can offer power supplies that will work 24/7 for at least 20 years.

Perfect Match

You have special requirements, where it is hard to find the ideal components? We listen to your needs, develop high-quality, economical and customised solutions.

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