About us

Our Vision​

''A cost-effective, digital power supply for every application.''​

What we do​

''We engineer and manufacture high-tech digital power supplies to enable your products to operate cost-efficiently and reliably for decades."

Your Engineering Partner

We are a growing, small-sized company from Karlsruhe, Germany, founded in 2020 with the goal of bringing innovation though digitalization and longevity to the conservative power supply industry.

We are a spin-off enterprise born from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), one of the eleven Universities of Excellence and 4th best University for Engineering in Germany.

Our power supply solutions are based on our patented digital control technology and algorithms, which enable a improved system’s longevity as well as per software power management and easy industry 4.0 integration.

We develop custom solutions as well as offer standardized products to serve our customers around the globe. Our focus is on the lighting, automation, renewable energies and mobility industries. To get to know our recent projects click here.

Our innovative edge is based on our Founder & CEO      Dr. -Ing Michael Heidinger‘s research on digital power supplies technology, which has been awarded KIT’s most promising transfer project in 2020 and second-best in 2019, with applications in LED-UV paint curing and Mid power LED respectively.

Our Interview at the
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology