Ultrathin LED Driver 350mA / 500 mA with 48 V Input Voltage

LED48-XXX  DC/DC Wandler

Ultrathin 8.8mm 48V DIN Rail Constant Current DC/DC Converter

LED48-XXX Konstantstrom DC/DC Wandler - 350mA / 500mA


  • Constant Current Buck Converter
  • 8.8mm DIN Rail width
  • 350mA or 500mA output current
  • Wide input voltage:
    • Uin,min=5V
    • Uin,max=48V
  • Input reverse polarity protection
  • Output short proof
  • Power Good LED

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Product description:

The LED48-XXX is a 48V input 350mA / 500mA DIN Rail buck converter providing low ripple constant current output. It’s intended use are tight control cabinets, requiring an aditional current driver. The functional input voltage ranges from 5V to 48V. When the output voltage and current is achieved, a green led lights up.

The device is resilient to typical operating failures: Input reverse polarity, output short circuit, open circuit, moderate input transients and moderate output transients.

The device offers solid output current stability over the complete input voltage range. The device may be operated at ambient temperatures between -40°C und 50°C.

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