Programmable Digital Constant Current Constant Voltage Power Supply with Status Relay

DIG-CCCV-15W Topview


  • Ultra Long Life Design,
    without electrolytic capacitors
  • Digital Programmable
  • Output Voltage: 10V – 60V
  • Up to 1.2 A output current
  • Up to 15 W output power
  • Status Relay (Programmable)
  • Output Disable & Power Off
  • Resilient Design
  • Supports GPS-Synchronized-Blinking

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 Product description

The DIG-CCCV-15W power supply is a member of Ultra-Long-Life Family, avoiding failure prone electrolytic capacitors. It features a wide output voltage range from 10 V to 60 V with output currents of up to 1.2 A at max. 15 W output power.

Output currents and voltages can be programmed by setting the hardware pins or by software. The power supply offers an internal and external blinkmode.

The device is resilient to typical operating failures: Input reverse polarity, output short circuit, open circuit, moderate input transients and moderate output transients.

The device offers solid output current stability over the complete input voltage range. The device may be operated at ambient temperatures between -40°C und 50°C.

Technical Inquiries / FAQ

  • Question: What is the maximum power of the power supply with an input voltage of 120 Vac and an output voltage of 60V?
    • Answer: The power supply maintains the specified parameters (60V, 0.25A, 15W) even with an input voltage of 114Vac.
  • Question: Can I receive the power supply without a casing?
    • Answer: Yes, that is possible. Please contact us using the sample form provided below.
  • Question: I need a custom configuration. Do you offer customisation and what is the minimum quantity?
    • Answer: We can accommodate custom configurations starting from a quantity of 1. Please contact us for further information.
  • Question: How do I program / configure the device?
    • Answer: To program the device, you will need the programming adapter. Then, please follow the instructions in the datasheet. If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact us.

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