CCCV48xx: Ultrathin 8.8mm 48V DIN Rail Constant Current Constant Voltage DC/


Ultrathin 8.8mm 48V DIN Rail Constant Current Constant Voltage DC/DC

Produktbilder von CCCV4805, CCCV4812 und CCCV24
DIG-CCCV-48V sample image


  • Constant Current Constant Voltage
  • Programmable output voltage range
    (0 V .. 30 V)
  • Programmable output current range
    (0 A to 4 A)
  • Output paralleling possible
  • Internal temperature monitoring with
    Thermal Shutdow
  • Digitally programmable Undervoltage
  • Input reverse polarity protection
  • Output short circuit proof
  • Informative RGB Status indication

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 Product description

The DIG-CCCV-48 is a constant current constant voltage digital-programmable DIN Rail buck converter with perfect output stability. It’s a powerful tool to provide additional lower output voltages in control cabinets. The functional input voltage ranges from 8V to 48V. For more power, outputs can be paralleled. Output voltages and currents are digitally programmable. The input voltage must always be higher than the input voltage.

The device features a universal RGB led, indicating, constant voltage, constant current, undervoltage lockout and overtemperature. The device can be programmed and diagnosed via the MCU-Tracer app, running on Windows and Linux.

The device is resilient to typical operating failures: Input reverse polarity, output short circuit, open circuit, moderate input tran\-sients.

It between -40°C und 50°C. A derating over temperature is required.


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