Ultrathin USB-C 5V 3A Din Rail Charger

USB-C Charger 5V 3A

Ultrathin 8.8mm 10V-28V DIN Rail 5V 3A USB C power supply



  • Ultrathin: 8.8mm DIN Rail width
  • Electrolytic capacitor free
  • 5 V Buck converter
  • 3 A output current
  • 95% peak-efficiency
  • Wide input voltage range (10V – 28V)
  • Input reverse polarity protection
  • Integrated current good supervisor.
  • Output short proof
  • Output Power LED
  • Low Conducted Emissions

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 Product description

The USB-C-3A  (Ultrathin 8.8mm 10V-28V DIN Rail USB C power supply) is a 10 V to 28V input 3A DIN Rail buck converter providing low ripple constant voltage output for USB C devices. It’s intended use are tight control cabinets, to supply usb devices with voltage. A green power good LED indicates the presence of an output voltage.


The device is resilient to typical operating failures: Input reverse polarity, output short circuit, open circuit, moderate input transients and moderate output transients.


The device offers solid output current stability over the complete input voltage range. The device may be operated at ambient temperatures between -40°C und 50°C.

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