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Dr. Michael Heidinger erhält KIT Technology Transfer Preis.
We engineer and manufacture high-tech digital power supplies with a lifetime of 70 years.
Michael Heidinger
CEO, Digital Power Systems

Custom Power

With our custom power supplies (“MyPowerSupply”), we precisely meet your needs!

We listen attentively and develop unparalleled solutions that provide real added value through reliability and customer orientation.

We will help you stand out.

Standard Products

We offer particularly durable AC/DC and DC/DC converters that operate without electrolytic capacitors for 70 years.

You can count on the reliability and Designed-in-Germany quality with confidence.

DIG-CCCV-15W Topview
DIG-CCCV-15W Power Supply


  • Ultra Long Life Design,
    without electrolytic capacitors
  • Digital Programmable
  • Output Voltage: 10V – 60V
  • Up to 1.2 A output current
  • Up to 15 W output power
  • Status Relay (Programmable)
  • Output Disable & Power Off
  • Resilient Design
  • Supports GPS-Synchronized-Blinking

Prooven Lifetime: 70 years

Our solutions are built with film capacitors allowing an unprecedented lifetime of
70 years

With our digital control method, we develop smart and long-lasting power supply solutions. 

Our power supplies employ film capacitors allowing unprecedented system lifespan. 

Predictive maintenance and lifetime-cost minimization are key offerings that come with our technology.

Long-life LED driver

We develop flicker-free, highly-efficient LED drivers featuring >200.000h operating lifetimes.

LEDs have a lifetime of up to 200 000h. However a standard LED driver typically lasts between 20 – 50 000h. As a result the driver has to be replaced 4 to 10 times to match the LED lifetime. With our LED drivers you can take full advantage of the LED lifetime and achieve 200 000 operational hours!

Custom Power

We design power electronics
your specific needs.

Get to know our projects!

Our custom projects pipeline.
Digital power supplies for:

What our customers say


Digital Power Systems has developed the highly-efficient battery management system for our novel rechargeable zinc-air batteries.

With our Abby battery and DPS’ long-life power electronics, we will drastically reduce the cost of energy storage.

Dr.-Ing. Manan Haq von HILABS GmbH

The LL-10W with DPS film capacitor technology allows us to offer exceptionally durable obstacle lights. Bernd Ballaschk, High Voltage Lighting Technology Bernd Ballaschk GmbH

Our promise

Focus on YOU

We focus on your needs! 

We listen carefully and develop unprecedented solutions responding to your challenges. 

We will help you to stand out.

Value Oriented

High value for your money.

We only deliver devices that can be integrated safely into long lasting devices.

failed power supply leads to the complete loss of your valuable device and makes you lose money.


Our power supplies are highly reliable and keep their promises.

All power systems go through stress testing to ensure their compliance with your specifications.

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