Digital Power Systems currently offers one low power supply, the DPS-LP30. A high power supply, the DPS-HP480 is currently under developpment.


The DPS-LP30 is worlds first pure digital DIN-Rail power supply. Our digitally-enabled, patent pending technology enables true long life power supplies of 20 years+ at 40°C ambient. This is achieved by replacing electrolytic capacitors with film capacitors. The DPS-LP30 features excellent stability. Its outputs can be compared to laboratory power supplies. It achieves a high peak efficiency of 95% by the use of the latest technology.

The DPS-LP30 features 30 W output power with a boost power for unlimited time of 60 W. It has a wide output voltage range, ranging from 5 V to 30 V and the output current ranges from 0.1 A to 3 A. The power supply features Constant-Current-Constant-Voltage (CCCV) operation.

The DPS-LP30 features a build-in redundancy module and is capable of redundant parallel operation without additional requirements. Several power supplies may also be connected in series.

The DPS-LP30 accepts an input voltage of 200 Vac to 250 Vac (49 Hz to 500 Hz) and 300 Vdc to 400 Vdc