Raspberry PI: Digital Power Supply

Raspberry Pi Digital Power Supply Hat

Based on the discoussion with partners, the following specification is targeted:

  1. Wide Input Voltage (120Vac – 260 Vac) – 50 to 60 Hz.
  2. Output Current: 2 A with 3A peak. Above 3A the current will be limited. So no fuse will be required.
  3. The power will be supplied by a euro cable. That plug is universial usable.
  4. Supercapacitor backup system: Provides power for 30 seconds after power is disconnected, alters system to shut down imediatelly to prevent SD card crashes.
  5. Communication with Rasberry Pi over Uart based on the MCU-Tracer protocoll.
    The following parameters can be read out: Output Voltage, Output Current
    The following parameter can be adjusted: Output Voltage Limit, Output Current Limit
  6. CE Compliant
  7. The budget price will be 30 Euro for small quantities (100pcs).
If you think that an important point is missing, please submit the form with your comments.

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