Our Vision:

Superior DIN-Rail Power Supplies. Here are 12 reasons why.


DPS Power Supplies can be customized with a single click: Output voltage, Output Current, Control Loop Gain to name only a few parameters.

(Industrial) IoT

All DPS Power Supplies are IoT Ready. Using MQTT, they are ready for your next Industry 4.0 power supply.


The control loop is designed for stability and robustness,

Long Life

Digital Power System focuses on true digital power.

Electrolytic Capacitor Free

DPS has designed out electrolytic capacitors. By that, long lifetime can be achieved.


A display module allows easy install, debugging of the power supply.

Load Supervisors

Digital Load Supervisors detect load failures instantly.a

Integrated redundancy module

All DPS DIN-Rail power supplies support an integrated, practically loss-free redundancy module


The DIN-Rail power supplies

Data Science

DPS power supplies store all data in

Soft-Sensor Ready

Using DPS Power all data is easily accessable over ethernet. Implement your soft sensor, supervising temperature or solonoids.


Our Power Supplies are CE compliant