DIN-Rail Power Supplies

Our product line for the automation industry covers power supplies for DIN rail mounting. Their characteristic feature is a wide output voltage range made available for control by  1…10V bus systems.

Your engineering team will see unique possibilities opened by this new flexibility. Contact us and discuss your ideas with us!


Custom Power

Our domain are Customized Power Supplies which are tailored to the needs of your applications needs. Typically, we are offering solutions for the following sectors in the industry:

  • Automation
  • Safety and building services
  • Optical Industry (Light & Laser)
  • Solar Industry

Maximizing power supply lifetime:
Our key competence

How to maximize its lifetime? The answer is rather obvious. You will not find any electrolytic capacitors in our designs. Thanks to our digital control methods, the state of the art form factor can maintained.

Our promise

Focus on YOU

We focus on YOU and your needs! Please discuss it with us; we listen carefully.

Together we develop unprecedented solutions responding to your challenges. We will help you to stand out.

Value minded

For your money, you will get high value. We deliver solely power systems to you can integrate safely into long lasting devices.

We share with you the same understanding: A failed power supply leads to the complete loss of your precious device.

Reliance minded

Our power supplies keep the promise that we make! You can expect our products to be delivered on schedule and with high reliability. All of our delivered power systems will previously have undergone a full functional testing to ensure their compliance with your specifications.