DIN-Rail Power Supplies

We supply the automation industry with DIN-Rail power supplies. They feature a wide output voltage range that can be controlled. Due to their flexibility, they are a gamechanger for control applications. .

Custom Power

We develop tailor made power supplies, that perfectly suit your application. Our typical customer is part of the following industry sector:

  • Automation Industry
  • Building- and Safety Technologe
  • Light- and Laser Supplies
  • Solar Industry

Focus on Lifetime

Power supplies are the most likely fail by electrolytic capacitors reaching their end of life. It is a pity, that one basic component is the lifetime bottleneck. Here Digital Power Supplies offers a unique approach to design-out this flaw.

Our solution?

Pretty easy. We design-out the electrolytic capacitors in our design.  We use a digital control algorithem to create nearly same-size designs.

Our promise

We listen!

Our target is your satistaction! We listen actively, so we can inspire ourselfs. Together we develop never-seen-before solution for your application.


Our power supplies are worth their money. We only offer solutions those you can thrust for ages. We both now: If the power supply failes, everything else failes too.

As you mentioned it: If a power supplies failes, we track down the problem free of charge.


Our power supplies keep what they promise. We deliver on-time with high quality in Series. Each power supplies is individually tested and measured according to its most important parameters.