PM2 Paralleling / redundancy module


 Ultrathin 8.8mm redundancy / paralleling module 2A x 3 Channels

PM23 product photography


  • 3 Channels, each 2A
    • up to 6A with 3 channels in parallel
  • Ideal for 5V to 48V Systems
  • Output paralleling possible
  • Applications
    • Redundancy
    • Power Boost
  • Ultrathin Case: Width: 8.8mm

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 Product description

The PM23 is 8.8 mm paralleling module that uses 100V Schottky diodes. It’s a powerful tool to provide redundancy and power boost for system voltages up to 50V. It’s designed to work with AC/DC and DC/DC converters. The module is compatible with most DPS products.

The device is resilient to typical operating failures: Input reverse polarity and open circuit. The device does not feature a fuse or short circuit protection.

It between -40°C and 50°C. A derating over temperature is required above 30°C.

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